With Coronavirus still a major concern for the World’s frontline medical workers engaging directly with patients in life-saving procedures every day, experts from University Medical Centers around the United States have put their minds to work by creating new ways to keep our healthcare workers safe and healthy. The new kid on the block being utilized to fight off COVID-19 in the medical realm is aptly referred to as the “pop-up tent.” Not only does this product have a quick and easy assembly process, but it also effectively combats the potential contraction of aerosolized virus molecules between patients and healthcare workers. This concept is being utilized in several variations across the medical field, which include the “overhead tent,” “mobile full body cover,” and the “temporary medical facility tent.”

What are these Safety Barrier “Pop-Up Tents” and How are they being used to Combat Covid-19??

  • The overhead “Pop-up tents”- These disposable safety products are being used by healthcare workers to protect themselves from exposure to airborne COVID-19 droplets in patients who may have contracted the disease or have been admitted to the hospital for immediate care. With a quick and easy assembly process, these safety covers are applied over the heads, necks, and shoulders of patients to prevent contraction of the virus and still allow medical workers to have easy access to necessary medical procedures such as intubation for breathing tubes.
  • Pop-Up Tents for EMT’s– Another practical use for these safety covers or “pop-up tents,” are by EMT’s and Paramedics when they are administering care to individuals who are thought to have the novel Coronavirus. At this capacity, a much larger variation of the tent will be employed and placed over the entire body of the patient prior to transport to assist in minimizing potential airborne virus particles between the EMT workers and the patient.
  • Temporary Field Hospitals– Field hospitals are being used across the United States to provide additional medical facility support so that cities and municipalities can quickly screen and efficiently treat COVID-19 patients. Within 15 minutes, these “pop-up” field hospitals are assembled and ready to treat patients. The plasticizers incorporated into the Presco PVC matrix allow for ample flexibility and maximum durability qualities, which are a necessity in the structural support system when bracing these large tented areas. These PVC products can be used not only as a stand-alone product but can also be laminated to another product or used in various inflatable support functions for the construction of these field hospitals.

What are the benefits of using Presco PVC in creating these “pop-up tents” and temporary field hospitals?

As a domestically sourced product, there is little risk of diminished supply and reduces the need for logistic services used for transport of products that would otherwise be imported. Presco PVC materials come in a variety of lengths and MIL thicknesses. From 1” to 94” and 2 mil to 28 mils, these custom formulations allow manufacturers to produce a range of products for the specific needs of our healthcare members and all who serve the healthcare industries. Our PVC products are used in many applications within the healthcare industry; from drainage bags to disposable PVC gowns and hospital drapery, Presco is no stranger to the specifications required to manufacture goods that stand up to the toughest jobs. With its disposable and easy to clean/sanitize surfaces, our PVC products can be counted on for a number of Covid-19 related solutions.

We are continually engaging with businesses and individuals to come up with new products that can be advantageous to frontline workers. With Presco’s ability to produce high-quality goods in the United States, we can assist our clients in cutting costs and saving time when it matters most. Find out more about how Presco can assist you in creating new and beneficial solutions for all your healthcare and medical facility needs by reaching out to us at 1-800-527-3295.