Underground Detectable Warning Tape Supplier in North America

Searching for a dependable underground detectable warning tape supplier from North America? Then you’ve come to the right place. Presco detectable tape has been used in a wide variety of industries and settings over the years and has earned the trust of countless businesses and operations for its quality.
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Why Choose Presco Detectable Burial Tape?

Endures Temperatures from -60F to 250F

Our detectable electric cable warning tape and similar products can withstand freezing temperatures in extreme environments.

Permanently Imprinted with Black Ink

The blank ink on all of our detectable burial tape has been permanently imprinted to last the lifetime of the product.

Durable Laminate Construction

Presco detectable buried cable marker tape is incredibly strong and promises long-term durability.

APWA Colors Provided

We provide a wide variety of APWA colors for our detectable underground tape, allowing you to select the ideal hue for your needs.

Private lLabeling, UPC Coding, and More

Presco offers custom packaging requirements and more for our customers.

Detectable Buried Cable Marker Tape Options

We have large inventory of stock legends from which to choose. You can search our extensive legend library or have a custom legend produced for your specific needs.

Download our Stock Detectable Tape List

Stock Roll Widths:

2″, 3″, 6″, 12″ (custom widths available upon request)

Stock Roll Lengths:

1000′ (custom widths available upon request)

Material Color Options:

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow

Material Thickness Options:

5 mil

As a premier underground detectable warning tape supplier, we can personalize anything you see to fit your needs. Call today to discuss customization options.


Uses for Detectable Tracer Tape

Presco is among the top underground detectable warning tape suppliers for a wide range of industries thanks to our versatility. There are a multitude of utility lines located underground, which, if damaged during construction, can cause serious problems. That’s why we’ve designed our detectable tracer tape to be so long-lasting and visible — so no matter what line it’s marking, it will be easily seen for years to come. From water lines and electrical cables to gas and telecommunication lines, if it’s an underground utility line, Presco detectable tape can help protect it.


Get Underground Detectable Warning Tape From Presco

As demonstrated, detectable electric cable warning tape is highly valuable for the safety it offers for underground cables and similar objects. However, nobody wants to pay too much for warning tape — no matter how important it may be. That’s why Presco is dedicated to supplying our underground detectable warning tape at the best prices available.

Buy Underground Detectable Warning Tape From Presco Today

We understand how important detectable warning tape is for the safety of your underground utilities — which is why you can trust that every Presco product will always be of the highest quality. Browse our available warning tapes today and find the perfect one that meets your needs!

Want to learn more about the leading underground detectable warning tape supplier in the country? Contact us today for more information!

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