For over 25 years, Presco has formulated film for the convention and decorating industry.

Our Convention Film is custom formulated to meet the requirements of flame resistance established by the California State Fire Marshall for products identified in Section 13115, California Health and Safety Code.

To meet the needs of the convention and decorating industry, Presco’s Convention Film can be formulated to match custom colors and other specifications. We also have the ability to perforate the film to lengths such as 4’6″, 6’6″, and 8’6″ for specific table lengths.

Presco’s Convention Film is also available in custom drapes. The drapes are 54″ wide and available in any length with top or bottom rod pockets.

All formulations are subject to minimums and lead times.

For more information regarding our stock convention and decorating line, contact Presco’s subsidiary Proflex Vinyls.

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Presco’s Convention Film is 100% Recyclable!

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