Presco’s Medical Film combines our custom PVC formulation film capabilities with our state of the art quality control extrusion system to create a highly customized film that exceeds the expectations of the medical industry.

Custom formulations can include heavy metal free, DEHP free, phthalate free and antimicrobials. Presco’s Medical Film is also USP Class VI certified.

Our quality control system allows for full traceability of raw materials from the beginning of the compounding process through the extrusion of the film. In-line vision controls aid in preventing contamination and pin holes while gauges controls keep specifications consistent and within tolerances.

Presco’s Extrusion Coated process takes our Presco’s Medical Film and combines it with a non-woven or loop fabric in one manufacturing process. The fabric is introduced to the vinyl as it exits the die in molten form. Rollers then apply just enough pressure needed to marry the substrate and vinyl together to produce a coated composite. Our Extrusion Coated Composites are utilized in the disposable blood pressure and vascular therapy markets.

All formulations are subject to minimums and lead times.

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