Presco has been formulating and slitting vent hose film for over 25 years for the dryer hose, sewer hose and air duct industries.

Presco’s Vent Hose Film can be custom formulated to meet flame retardant and antimicrobial specifications. Our state of the art extrusion manufacturing process and quality controls reduce the risk for pinholes in films as thin as .002″.

The Presco’s Vent Hose Film can also be slit in house to meet your specifications. Our slitting capabilities include slit widths of 1.25″ or more and roll diameters up to 23.5″. Custom pigments and emboss patterns are available to help maximize your manufacturing efficiencies.

All formulations are subject to minimums and lead times.

Presco’s Vent Hose Film is 100% Recyclable!

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