You may know Presco for its barricade tape or marking flags, but a number of new customers got to know the company this year during the coronavirus pandemic.

Presco quickly got up and running, creating personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions using PVC.

John Yianitsas, Vice President of New Business Development at Presco, said PVC is a great fit when making PPE because it creates a tough-to-penetrate barrier, is easily cleanable, and can be either heat sealed or sewed. That gives users not only the opportunity to use PVC items more than once but also to utilize the material in a number of different ways.

“PVC can be used not only just for gowns, but drapes, barriers, and things like that, which is why I think it’s such a great product that can be used over and over again. It’s not a one-and-done,” Yianitsas said.

Few could say they saw a pandemic coming, so there was a rush to get PPE to those who needed it at the beginning of the pandemic. Luckily for those relying on Presco, the Texas-based company was able to turn around its products quickly since it was relying only on domestic materials and not waiting for supplies to arrive from abroad.

“I think the key factor in all this is the fact that we’re a domestic supplier. We source all our raw materials domestically, so we didn’t have to wait for anything to come in,” Yianitsas said. “Our ability to take an order and turn it around and fulfill it very, very quickly, the fact that we’re here in Sherman, Texas, gave us that opportunity to be able to respond very, very, quickly. Had we not had that capability, we would’ve been in the same boat as other people.”

Instead, Presco was able to help frontline workers in the United States do their job in a safe way, aiding the response when the country needed it most.