With a growing need for personal protective equipment, or PPE, in the healthcare industry to address shortages and demand brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Presco has designed a product called Safeguard Drapery, made of flexible PVC, to protect those fighting the virus on the front lines.

While this solution is incredibly beneficial for those working to mitigate the effects of the virus and create positive patient outcomes daily, PVC has a variety of uses in the realm of PPE.

Safeguard Drapery Ready to Step Up to the Plate for Front Line Heroes

As a top manufacturer of custom engineered films, Presco’s Proflex line produces vinyl film products with many beneficial properties that can serve a vital role during these uncertain times.

Currently, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are fighting an endless battle to keep areas safe and sanitary during this COVID-19 pandemic, and Presco’s Safeguard Drapery is primed to support those efforts.

The drapery can be customized in lengths and widths with either a single or double rod pocket that is precision heat-sealed to the vinyl drapery. Convenient perforations between each drapery and a solid 3-inch core allow for easy handling and the ability to dispense individual panels as needed.

The drapery can be cleaned by simply wiping down the panels with soap and water, diluted bleach or rubbing alcohol to ensure a sanitary surface area, which is ideal for triage areas and medical staging. The product is available in 26 different colors and is manufactured in the United States.

PVC Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 and the Prep for a New Normal

In addition to this innovative barrier solution, flexible PVC has multiple uses in the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Presco Vice President, New Business Development John Yianitsas said PVC has a number of beneficial features making it an ideal choice for PPE solutions.

“The main things that make it a good fit are, No. 1, it’s a great barrier film. … If something spills on it, it’s not going to get through the garment, which is obviously a big concern if you’re in a hospital environment or any kind of a triage environment,” he said.

“The other aspect that a lot of people don’t consider … is that it is actually very easily cleanable.”

In addition, PVC’s ability to be either heat sealed or sewn promotes additional flexibility in addressing unique PPE needs quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the production of drapes, PVC can also be used to craft disposable hospital gowns, mattress covers and more. The PVC product is non-porous, protecting against fluids getting onto skin because of its durability and moisture resistance properties. It is also formulated to meet industry requirements for flame resistance. The vinyl films have a finished thickness of 5.5mil with excellent opacity features.

In an effort to combat the chaos and assist hospitals and health organizations in the triage of their patients, Presco’s vinyl films are uniquely suited to be utilized as a drapery for short term use in applications such as dividers in temporary medical facilities and housing shelters.

PVC will also have a role to play in the collective march toward a new normal, as similar barriers could be used to provide key safety and peace of mind for customers and employers in retail, foodservice and beyond.

Presco Delivering Turnarounds Keeping Those on the Front Lines in the Fight

Presco is uniquely positioned to continue serving PPE needs well into the future when called upon, as the company’s United States-based manufacturing capabilities prevented the hang-ups experienced by other manufacturers in the wake of the coronavirus.

“I think the key factor in all this is the fact that we’re a domestic supplier,” Yianitsas said. “We source all of our raw materials domestically, so we didn’t have to wait for anything to come in. We didn’t have to source anything. (We have the) ability to take an order and turn it around very, very quickly.”

Presco also worked to create a specific formulation for the purpose of PPE, providing ease of construction for partners actually making the garments through a customized thickness the company felt would be best suited to PPE applications.

The ability to expedite critical orders paid immediate dividends, helping Presco serve a large hospital network fighting the spread of COVID-19 through a combination of in-stock material and domestically sourced product. The order was turned around within two weeks, providing the customer with needed supplies as quickly as possible.

Learn more about Presco’s Proflex line of PVC here.