At Presco we are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the lives of our employees. One of the benefits of becoming a Presconian is the opportunity to participate in one of the Nation’s most sought after money management programs, “Financial Peace University,” a course created by Dave Ramsey, which educates participants on the principles of paying off debt, saving for emergencies, and investing in the future. We understand that knowledge is the key to your financial success, and that is why we offer this free course to employees and their significant others all year round. Courses are taught right here at our facility, during hours that are convenient for our employee’s schedules.

Presco has put 55 employees through the Financial Peace University program and to date has seen Presconian’s save over $50,000 and pay off debts totaling around $275,000

The benefits of this course are astounding and watching people you care about increase their quality of life by applying this knowledge is why we will continue to offer this course to anyone willing to participate.  If we are able to make their personal lives a little better each day, then Presco becomes a little better each day as well.”- Tammy Watkins, HR Director

When we gain new employees, we welcome them with open arms and opportunities. Our goals are always centered around making Presco their “Last, Best Place to Work.”