As the world’s cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, protective equipment that is critical for healthcare workers and essential infrastructures has become increasingly difficult to locate. In an effort to combat these shortages, President Trump has implemented the Defense Production Act, which allows the government to mobilize the private sector to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. With this Act invoked, manufacturing facilities have shifted gears to assist in the equipment shortages by producing necessary products such as masks, ventilators, gowns, ethanol for hand sanitizer, and so much more. As a top manufacturer of engineered films and one of the nation’s “Essential Infrastructures,” Presco answered the call and is working around the clock to produce vinyl films that are uniquely suited for the construction of hospital gowns and mattress covers.

The Vinyl Advantage

With hospitals reaching max capacity, healthcare workers must work quickly and efficiently to minimize exposure of the COVID-10 virus to themselves and others. In doing so, the need for durable protective gear is imperative.

  • Presco’s vinyl films can be manufactured in thicknesses ranging from .002” to .026”. This allows individuals who are sewing hospital gowns and mattress covers an array of options geared towards their project’s specifications.
  • The need for both a functional and durable product is vital in the healthcare industry. Vinyl film is non-permeable to liquids. For those healthcare workers on the frontlines, having hospital gowns that are durable and disposable is imperative. Our .004”-.006” thick vinyl is the perfect solution to this critical issue, as this is the ideal weight for creating comfortable protective gowns for healthcare workers.
  • In times like this, referring back to the old adage “Cleanliness is Godliness,” no longer seems excessive. With reports indicating that there are over 450,000 U.S. cases of COVID-19, it is paramount that we take every necessary precaution to eliminate the potential for contraction. This is another example of why having an easy to clean; disposable product is so important. When healthcare workers utilize Presco’s vinyl films for protective gowns or mattress covers, they can easily be cleaned and sanitized with soap and water, diluted bleach or rubbing alcohol- and when in doubt, throw it out!
  • Are you looking for a custom option for your project? Presco can extrude up to 88″ to 94” wide vinyl films to accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes.

If you or your company are looking to contribute your resources towards the creation of PPE equipment such as gowns and mattress covers, we can assure you that Presco has a vinyl film to suit your objectives. As a domestically owned and operated manufacturing facility, we have the ability to produce the materials necessary to assist you in saving lives.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can assist your operations in combatting this global pandemic. * Minimum order is 54″ x 10,000 yards*

“We are all in this together.”