It is no surprise that the recent Coronavirus outbreak has become the prime reason that some industries have come to an abrupt halt. As the days go on, it seems more and more markets are being impacted by the growing concern in the spread of this virus. Although COVID-19 has significantly disrupted many different business operations, Presco is pleased to announce that our import and export processes are not experiencing any of these delays.

Don’t paralyze your sales strategy with the inability to keep your shelves stocked and your clients satisfied. Avoid potential off-shore delays by partnering with Presco to supply your business with high-quality products made right here in the United States. This ensures on-time delivery of lifesaving, injury-preventing products that will outperform lower-grade marking tapes outsourced from other countries.

At Presco, we understand that the responsibility that accompanies our product is a serious one. This is one of the many reasons being an American manufacturing facility is so crucial. In times of chaos and uncertainty, goods need to be delivered with specific standards of care and under critical timeframes. With products that are sourced locally in the United States, Presco is able to personally inspect and approve the quality of the products we send to our partners before they make their way out the doors. We know what it takes to the community safe, and we want to make sure that we are there to get the job done right.

Presco partners can rest assured knowing our major raw materials, such as PVC resin and plasticizers, are domestically sourced and have not been impacted. Additionally, we are able to ship our stock products within 24 hours! Needless to say, the Presco supply chain is stable, and our production facilities are running at full capacity.

Please know that we are in close contact with our vendors to ensure that remains the case. If you are experiencing delays with your imported PVC film or Safety Marking Products, please give Presco a call at 1-800-527-3295 today!