Everyone knows what Caution tape is or Police Line Do Not Cross, everyone has also seen the roll flagging tape or marking flags on the numerous different road construction sites that cause us such headaches on our commutes. The primary function of this product is to keep us safe and provide ample warning of things on what not to do or where not to go. However over the years our customers have come up with some creative ways to use Presco products in a manner that we could not have fathomed…

Example One:

Art comes in all shapes, forms, and visions! These students have decided that our product not only gets an “A” in the field uses over our competitors, it also helps them get “A’s” in the classroom. Look how creative one person’s tool becomes another person’s form of expression

Example Two:

houseHave you ever been “TP’ed”? I have and it’s a bloody mess! It’s also very cruel when you have to clean it up, especially if there is a dew on the ground. These folks have decided to have all the fun in the world and prank a friend but not make the chore of “clean-up” so difficult!

Example Three:

My favorite! When your little brother gets out of line and will not leave you along, just tie him up! Now that was easy!