marking_productsAt Presco we know that you have a choice of where to buy your marking products and if you’re a reading this as a current customer we thank you and we’re happy to be in relationship with you.  Hopefully this article will help you to learn a little bit more about Presco or help you remember some reasons you started with Presco.  If you’re not currently an authorized distributor then Welcome!  We would love for you to get to know us a little better and give us a call so we can show you how we consistently exceed your expectations.  Below are some things that make our company unique and some reasons for you to develop a relationship with the leader of the Marking Products industry.

We Manufacture Highly Engineered Quality Products for Outdoor Marking

When you think of Barricade Tape, Stake Flags or Roll Flagging Tape you don’t really think “Hi-tech.”  The finished product doesn’t have moving parts or or fancy mechanisms, it’s just a simple roll of tape.  However, the process of making our products is not quite so simple.  Presco starts at the beginning at our Extrusion Plant where our highly trained workers meld together time tested recipes for plastic, blend it with our custom made dyes and then mix it all together.  The result is tested throughout the process and tested again as it comes out in it’s finished state and then analyzed to make sure it meets our high quality standards.  The majority of our machines are computer controlled with our custom software and our technicians are continually tweaking the process to ensure quality.  After the PVC is made it’s moved to our Marking Products Plant and the process begins to turn large rolls of PVC  into the finished marking products.  Again, everything is tested and inspected for quality control.  As a result of this Presco products are far superior than any other companies.

Our people are dedicated to deliver prompt quality support

tabathaAt Presco we believe in exceeding your expectations and one of the ways that we do that is with superior people on our customer service team.   From our Sales Reps to the people who answer the phones our employees are incredible.  What makes them so special?

1.  Our employees are highly motivated to help our company grow and succeed and we know that we can do this by helping our customers grow and succeed.  Employees are selected carefully, paid well, given fantastic benefits and treated as family.  Presco is a fun place to work and the office is a friendly, happy place.  This translates to great attitudes and devoted people.

2.  We have a great retention rate.  Our employees are not temporary, in fact many have been with the company for decades.  This creates not only loyalty to our company but there is a depth of knowledge to our employees that other companies simply do not have.

3.  Our employees are empowered to be problem solvers and decision makers.  Every Presconian is trained to not just go through the basics but to look for ways to improve things for our distributors.  We’ll talk to you like the unique person you are,  help you assess your companies special needs and then creatively come up with a plan designed just for you.  When problems occur, as they do in any business, our employees are trained to take responsibility and fix the issue quickly and efficiently.

4.  We’re innovative.  At Presco our people are encouraged to be creative and continually develop new ideas for improvement.  As a result our company gets better all the time.  Presconians invent and build our machines, write our software, help develop our recipes and implement new and improved procedures.  Ideas are encouraged at Presco and this benefits you.

5.  We deliver solutions!  Everything is customizable at Presco.  When you have special needs and desires our answer is always, “Yes.”  It’s simple… the answer is always “Yes.”  You won’t find that elsewhere…

We assist distributors to profitably grow their business with highly experienced professionals

At Presco we believe that if we help our distributors grow then we will grow and our team has been created and trained to do exactly that.  We have devoted Account Managers who are specifically trained in your industry and know the ins and outs of your field of business.  They are able to help you plan accordingly and not just sell you products, but create a plan for growth.  In addition, we have a marketing department in place to help our distributors with promotions and graphics and give advice on developing and implementing marketing plans for your business.  The phone lines are always open for you…

We Focus on the “Total” Outdoor Marking Product business as the prime manufacture

Why buy Barricade Tape from one company, Roll Flagging Tape from another company and Underground Tape from a third?  At Presco we carry every product needed for marking.  We’re a one stop shop for all of your marking product needs.  This enables us to give you a better price than other companies, allows for combined shipping of multiple types of items and simplifies your paperwork and your relationships.

We do not sell direct

You cannot truly support your distributors if you are competing with them…at Presco we do not sell direct, we sell only to authorized distributors.  When you take an order from your store and it ships from our warehouse we do not put a catalog in the box.  We are here to support you and build your business.  Other companies cannot say this…

Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!