flagsAs I was sitting down this morning to write something about “what makes Presco great”, I thought the best way to do that is to let one of our awesome distributors say it for me. Recently I worked out a promotion for custom marking flags for Keeling Company. It was a success and so I sent out an email to each branch manager to get their thoughts. In it I asked them to send a testimonial from themselves or one of their customers about “what makes Presco great”. Here are some of their responses:

We ordered a couple of boxes of custom flags for a company that we rarely hear from anymore. He received my email explaining the promo and he immediately called me and said; “I had completely forgot about you guys”..Hearing that, I said; I guess it’s a good thing I sent you an email!! So not only did we sell him some flags, I reminded him of EVERYTHING we sell. -S. Ryan, Branch Manager

As a store manager I appreciate the quality product Presco offers. I am also impressed with how often my Rep keeps my branch up to date with company news. –C. Mowery, Branch Manager

The reason I enjoy dealing with Presco is because of the easy ordering. We have sold some custom flags (not tons but have really pushed them) and the ordering is easy. Also the customers have really liked having the ability to put their logo’s on the jobsites for future business they generate. If I was a customer I would never use anything but custom flags. With no extra cost why not let Presco do the work for you. –M. Dunaway, Branch Manager

I like how you guys have the option to make custom flags. We at Keeling sell many different brands of various things, but very few of them have a customizable option. Thus, I will be able to one day get myself the much desired box of flags emblazoned with a spider monkey riding a Boston Terrier into battle. Admit it, you know you want to see that on a flag. –S. Folds, Branch Manager

For a company that does not advertise, Presco marking flags are a great opportunity to get the Keeling Company name out. For small businesses that cannot afford to advertise, custom marking flags are a great way for our contractors to be seen. -S. Jordan, Branch Manager

These custom flags look great, and are a great source of advertisement for my lawn care company. I appreciate Presco and Keeling Company for providing me with this deal. Ted Putnam – Putnam Lawn Care Inc. Keeling Customer