MI Pesticide Application Signs

R 285.637.11 Commercial notification and posting requirements.
Rule 11.
(b) Immediately following the application, a commercial applicator shall place a lawn marker sign at the primary point or points of entry. Lawn markers specified in subrule (2) of this rule shall only be used when making pesticide applications and shall be in compliance with all of the following specifications:
(i) Be 4 inches high by 5 inches wide.
(ii) Be constructed of rigid, weather – resistant material.
(iii) Be attached to a supporting device with the bottom of the marker extending not less than 12 inches above the turf.
(iv) Be identically printed on both sides in green letters on a white background using the indicated point type size.
(v) Include only the following information:
(A) The statement “CAUTION” in 11/16 inch high (72 – point) type.
(B) The statement “Pesticide Application” in 9/32 inch (30 – point) type.
(C) The statement “Keep Off Until Dry” in 9/32 inch (30 – point) type.
(D) Have not less than a 2 inch diameter circular illustration that depicts an adult and child walking a dog on a leash. The illustration shall depict, using a diagonal line across the circle, that this action is prohibited.
(E) The statement “Customer: Please Remove After 24 Hours” in 3/32 inch (11 – point) type.
(F) Additional information not required under subrule (2) of this rule may only be placed on the lawn marker or supporting device with the written approval of the department.