ME Pesticide Application Signs

Section 3. Posting Requirements for Pesticide Applications in Certain Commercial Licensing Categories
The sign shall be sufficient if it meets the following minimum specifications:
A. The sign must be at least five (5) inches wide and four (4) inches high;
B. The sign must be made of rigid, weather resistant material that will last at least forty-
eight (48) hours when placed outdoors;
C. The sign must be light colored (white, beige, yellow or pink) with dark, bold letters
(black, blue or green);
D. The sign must bear:
1. the word CAUTION in 72 point type;
2. the words PESTICIDE APPLICATION in 30 point type or larger;
3. the Board designated symbol;
4. any reentry precautions from the pesticide labeling;
5. the name of the company making the pesticide application and its telephone
6. the date and time of the application; and
7. a date and/or time to remove the sign.