When you partner with Presco, you’re not only getting access to the highest quality safety marking products available on the market today, but you will also receive the exclusive benefits of the “Presco Package.” All of the valuable information and resources you could ever need for a successful sales experience are included in this comprehensive bundle. Over the next few month’s we are going to be walking you through the “Presco Package,” so you know what to expect when partnering with the Nation’s Premier Manufacturer of Safety Marking Products and Engineered Films.

What You Get: Distributor Safety Marking Products Training

As a valued Presco client, you will be paired with one of our dedicated National Account Managers (NAM), who are equipped to assist you in leveraging your goals and drive sales. As an added advantage to utilizing our National Account Manager, your team will receive specialized Distributor Safety Marking Products Training (DSMPT). This training is an informative on-site experience that will enhance and equip your staff with the proper skills and understanding necessary to maximize customer engagement. Designed to guide your team through product placement strategies, product education, and effective merchandising skills, our “Distributor Marking Products Training,” will give your business the expertise required to increase sales and attract new business.

According to “Harvard Business Review,” It’s estimated that U.S. companies spend more than $70 billion annually on sales training. Top teams understand training is vital to empower sales reps with productivity-enhancing technologies and ultimately better engage with customers. As a Presco client, we feel that providing your business with the proper understanding of our products will lead to a bolstered bottom line and confidence your sales team needs to be successful.


Our DSMPT program provides our partners with knowledge and confidence to be experts in delivering the ultimate customer experience. With the added benefit of being able to tailor this training to our client’s specific brand requirements, we are able to assist in broadening market share and supporting the search for new industry leads. Sean Cash, Presco National Account Manager