With over 75 years as the Nation’s premier safety manufacturer, Presco prides itself on making sure safety education is at the center of our company’s business model. This is why Presco’s National Account Managers are all OSHA 30 Certified and fully trained to help you understand workplace hazards and how to prevent them effectively.

What it Means to You

The OSHA-30 Certification means that your assigned National Account Manager has received in-depth training on health and safety as well as an expanded list of topics associated with workplace hazards.

The National Safety Council’s website indicates that every 7 seconds, an employee is injured on the job! That equates to 104,000,000 days of lost production due to work-related injuries- a staggering figure! Although eliminating all workplace injuries is a broad objective, we do know that through adequate safety training, those statistics can be dramatically reduced. Presco knows that your business must comply with certain safety principles. In an effort to combat any possible industry misconceptions, Presco invests in extensively educating our sales team in all areas of workplace safety and injury prevention. By aligning our safety training and industry knowledge, with our partner’s goals, we can assist in decreasing costs while simultaneously increasing growth.

This is just one of the many benefits to becoming a Presco partner and having exclusive access to the “Presco Package.” By sharing this knowledge with our partners and their employees we are able to assist in bridging any information gaps that could be advantageous to success.

“Having an OSHA 30 certified sales team is just another example of how we can bring value to our distributors. With such an emphasis on safety, helping train our customers on current OSHA regulations and how Presco’s Safety Marking Products are utilized in those regulations is vital to help with compliance. Not only does it help our customers distribute more essential safety marking products, but more importantly, we can help keep people safe.”- Wade Wilson, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Find out more about becoming a Presco distributor by calling us at 1-800-527-3295 and speaking to one of our knowledgeable customer service members or simply visit us at www.presco.com to learn more about how Presco can serve your needs.