One of Presco’s primary focuses is providing our customers with accurate and up to date product documentation resources. Being prepared to answer your client’s questions on a moment’s notice is why Presco has integrated a vast supply of product materials, photographs, and general information on our website. Recent surveys conducted indicate that 79.15% of customers in America find complete product data to be extremely important to the buying process overall.  This is one of the many reasons Presco regularly updates our product information pages and is continually adding new materials for our partners to better understand the products we offer and how to sell them to their client base.  Here are just a few of the valuable resources you will be able to find on Presco’s comprehensive website:

  • Product Specification Sheets- With a product line as vast as Presco’s, having product specification sheets is imperative to conveying proper information to our clients. The data presented on our product spec sheets indicate both technical specifications, such as gauge size and impact brittleness testing, as well as standard details surrounding the product being researched.
  • Media Library and Sales Sheets- Presco’s media library offers an array of real-life isolated images of our products. All of our images are provided in PNG and JPG formats and optimized for both digital and print media campaigns. Additionally, you will find other tools at your disposal, such as comprehensive sales sheets on each of our products. These marketing materials are a fantastic way to gain attention and interest from potential clients. Want to add a personal touch? Reach out to one of Presco’s Marketing team members to have those sales sheets professionally co-branded with your logo.
  • Blogs/infographics/Podcasts- Aside from housing a slue of technical data sheets and product imagery, Presco has several additional resources to assist you in your endeavors for answers.

Whether it’s barricade tape technical data, marketing materials for the masses, or a simple blog to assist in understanding one of our products or how to best stock them, Presco has a solution for you. Visit us at or reach out to your National Account Manager today for more information on how Presco can best serve you!