It’s a simple 6 word question. Every sales associate was trained on it. Every American knows it and has heard those 6 words over and over again. That simple question has made billions of dollars in sales.

Would you like fries with that?

The goal of this company was simple… if you walked into the store to by a hamburger, then you would also walk out with fries.

Do you have an “afterthought” product solution in your store? Imagine if you did…

In the last several years at Presco we have worked heavily with certain branch managers to develop just that. We’ve trained sales staff for them, we’ve come up with marketing collateral for them to use at registers and on counter space. We’ve designed specific products in our product line to be able to aid this process. As a result, these branch locations have had sales numbers that exploded.

Reach out to your Account Representative today. Let’s plug you into what we’re doing, give you an afterthought product strategy and help you explode your sales!