business-advertisement-1542952Our products are carried all over the world through thousands of distributors.  Like any well run organization, we track everything and then analyze that data so that we can become better.    As we do so,  we start to find that our distributors fit into two different categories, those who make a lot of money carrying our products, and those who do not.   So, we start to ask the question, “Why does distributor A sell a lot of product and make a high profit and why does Distributor B not do so well?”  The answer is simple…

Let me illustrate with an example…

I was at a tradeshow recently and a branch manager for one of our distributors came by.  He came in and said, “Oh Presco, yeah, we stock some of your product but we don’t sell too much of it.”  My response was simple.  “Have we ever met before?”

Now, why is this important?  At Presco we are very selective about our distributors.  We do not just take anyone.  When we do create a new partnership,  we have a Key Account Representative that is assigned to this distributor.

Overwhelmingly what we have found is that people that work with this Key Account Reps understand and sell a ton of our product.

If you carrying our product then how would you like to sell a lot of it and raise your margins and profitability?   The solution is simple… work with your Key Account Rep.   Here’s what they will do to help you grow:

  1.  Meet with you in person or via a webinar meeting and learn about your specific business and/or location.
  2.  Analyze your current volume of all of our product categories.
  3.  Come up with a written 1 year solution for you to increase both your sales and your profitability.
  4.  Implement the plan by teaching you about the product, how to sell the product and how to attract your customers to it.
  5.  Connect you with the Presco marketing department so that we can serve you with marketing tools.
  6.  Teach you how to combine product offerings to serve your customer better and increase your sales margins.

Why is this important?

Presco products are your bread and butter.  You may sell products that are much more costly than Caution Tape or Marking flags and so it seems that you’re doing better with your sales.  But what happens when one of those higher priced sales drops off?  In sales you need diversity and you need to have a product that is an “afterthought” product that you can sell to anyone.  Think of McDonalds and their success with the slogan, “Would you like fries with that?”   This is the type of solution you can have with Presco products.   This is steady income that comes into your branch with every customer.

This type of product also creates a “sticky customer.”  They get used to coming into your branch for the small things and you are doing them a service by always setting them up with great safety products at a great value.  You’re forming a relationship with this customer and they will become “sticky” from the small things and then stay around for the larger ticket items.

So, reach out to your Key Account Rep.  If you don’t know who that is then reach out to us online or at our toll free number.  Be the branch that has a developed strategy for growth.  We’ll help you.