At Presco, our commitment to remaining at the top of our industry has established us as a leader in critical safety marking products. Now, our state-of-the-art roll flagging machine allows us to reach ever greater heights. The machine has given us the ability to meet our standards of quality more efficiently, meaning we can easily deliver our customers a consistent product in virtually any desired configuration. So, how do we make that happen? After a customer provides a request for a specific quality of roll flagging to their local distributor, which heads to the Presco sales team, our R&D team takes control.

They’ll define the material’s characteristics and determine the exact specifications, creating a formula that is used to make a sample. That sample then undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our standards of excellence. Manufacturing won’t occur until the customer approves the results of that testing, after which we can start churning out the consistent and high-quality product they requested. After the roll flagging is wound and slit and boxed by hand, it makes its way to the customer, where it can fulfill its duty as a valuable and reliable piece of safety equipment.

To learn more about our process, check out the video below.