At Presco, our biggest asset is our employees, and by helping them become healthier, we knew we could make a difference in their lives. This is why we chose to put a clinic onsite with no co-pay for employees so they would be able to quickly make appointments and miss very little time away from work to address their health needs. As a result, more employees are taking care of chronic issues (diabetes, heart, etc.) and getting great results working with our clinic staff. We later added free office visits for our covered dependents and a minimal payment for non-covered dependents- another huge benefit for our employees and their families.


In addition to providing scheduled onsite doctor visits, the Presco Carehere Clinic has a convenient Teledoc feature. This advantageous resource is available for employees who are unable to make it to the clinic for any reason, allowing them to simply pick up the phone and speak with a nurse practitioner or doctor to receive the care they need.


Although Presco knew that having this resource available to employees would be beneficial in many ways, we didn’t realize that within the first three years of our clinic’s being in place, at least three lives would be saved. These employees went to the clinic while at work, and the staff was able to get the necessary care in time to prevent heart attacks or strokes from taking their life.


“I am very proud to say that the Carehere NOMYAW Health Center is adding value to our employees, and that makes us all very happy.” -Tammy Watkins, HR Director