With social distancing and quarantine procedures becoming the new “norm,” it comes as no surprise that grocery stores, retail outlets and other businesses deemed are adopting new strategies to combat this unfamiliar pandemic. Even with laws recently becoming less rigid, some practices may last well into the future. Not only is it imperative that we follow these safety practices, but it is even more critical that we know how to recognize them. Here are just a few safety precautions that are being implemented across the Nation to keep our communities shielded from any potential setbacks.

Know Your Signs

Weekly grocery trips are an unavoidable occurrence, and local grocery stores are doing a fantastic job in maintaining effective social distancing standards. Not all of us are making physical trips inside our local supermarkets, but when we do, we must heed the warnings which are physically labeled for our own well-being.

  1. Adhesive Aisle Marking Tapes Presco’s line of Aisle Marking Tapes is 6mil pressure sensitive PVC adhesive tape that allows for easy lane marking. You may notice those yellow floor markings in your local stores which have arrows directing the flow of shopping traffic, or red/white tape indicating proper distancing procedures when standing in the checkout lanes. These directionals are all being used to keep consumer traffic flowing while maintaining appropriate distancing standards.
  2. Pennant Flags – The use of pennant flags is another avenue in which the retail industry has been utilizing safety marking products. Storefronts string up these brightly colored pennant flags to create organized customer lines outside of retail outlets to enable smooth and orderly transitions in and out of stores.
  3. Barricade Tapes Presco has a variety of barricade tapes, including “COVID-19” specific tapes that can be found around parks and other public gathering places. These tapes are used to rope off areas that the State or local officials consider to be a health risk to the community.
  4. Roll Flagging– Roll flagging comes in a variety of colors and textures, and even in biodegradable options. Municipalities are utilizing durable strands of roll flagging to create visual barriers around storefronts, recreational facilities, and also to signal COVID-19 testing sites around the globe.
  5. Safety Barrier Fence– With crowd control being of the utmost importance during these uncertain times, the products we use must be suited to the needs of the situation. With Safety Barrier Fencing coming in a variety of strengths, they are ideal for use in high traffic areas such as home improvement stores, supermarkets and other mass retailers where large amounts of people can be appropriately separated and directed towards their desired locations.

There are many ways we can all do our part to help in the fight against this global pandemic. Wearing masks, gloves, and other forms of personal protective equipment is always the best option when going out in public. However, even with these precautionary measures being taken, we must look out for the above 5 important safety marking products and know what they mean before we enter any business or retail facility.