The US pipeline infrastructure is a critical component of the country’s energy supply chain. These pipelines transport oil, natural gas, and other energy resources across the US to power homes and businesses alike. While these pipelines are safe, accidents and leaks can occur, which is why regulations exist to ensure that these pipelines are appropriately built and maintained.

In recent years, the US has seen several significant pipeline-related accidents, including the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the 2018 natural gas explosion in Massachusetts.  To prevent such incidents from reoccurring, various regulatory bodies, such as the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), offer grants to fund research, engineering, and other projects to ensure the safety of both pipelines and the surrounding communities. These grants will train firefighters and other first responders to help ensure that communities have the resources they need to keep residents safe. The plan is to strengthen safety programs while providing support to state inspectors for hazardous materials, shipments, and pipeline inspections.

Currently, there are several US pipeline regulator grants available, with some exceeding $25 million. For instance, the PHMSA provides $30 million annually for the Safe Pipeline Infrastructure Initiative (SPII),  which aims to improve the safety and reliability of oil and gas pipelines. These funds are used to support projects that assess, design, and build improved infrastructure, and to conduct research to address emerging safety challenges.

Apart from the SPII, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also provides funding for pipeline-related projects. For example, the EPA’s Brownfields Program  provides up to $200,000 for each grant to assess and clean up polluted sites to facilitate their reuse, including sites where oil and gas pipelines might exist.

Trident Solutions offers products and services that help pipeline operators comply with PHMSA regulations, such as tracer wire, detectable tapes, marker posts, signage, and specialty labeling. By collaborating with PHMSA, Trident Solutions aims to enhance the safety and reliability of pipelines and protect the public and the environment from potential hazards.