It’s that time again, back to school shopping! Most parents dread the hassle of school supply shopping, from finding the correct list to making sure each kid has what they need. Presco takes this dilemma into their own hands for their employees. Over the past 15 years, Presco has provided school supplies and backpacks for the new school year. Presco searches for the specified school list for each child according to grade and gender. The school supplies are purchased, organized, and ready for pick up before school week begins. Each student gets the chance to pick their own backpack as well.

Motivating kids to get back in the swing of things after a long summer can be challenging. Presco cares about each child’s needs and knows that sometimes things can get tricky. As a company, we love to reach out to our employees and help in ways that can put a smile on each face. This is just one of the many opportunities that Presco gives back.