There is a lot of mystery surround Search Engine Rankings or SEO, but honestly it’s not that complicated. The thing to remember is that there are companies out there that are making a mint off of this and they want to keep it as confusing as possible so they stay in business. However, with the growth of Google and the direction that the internet is taking this has become a simple do it yourself project. Here are 10 ways you can make your SEO rock!

google1. Make sure your website is built on a content management system so that you can easily and quickly add new content and manage existing content. I suggest Word Press for a billion different reasons.

2. Add the plugin “All in One SEO” to your site. Activate the plugin.  Go to the All in One link and fill out your meta information.  Here is a tutorial that will take you 5 minutes..

3. Start writing content.  Content is king and Google and other Search Engines rate your site based on Frequently updated, relevant content.

4.  Write content on the same day and time every week.  If you need to use the publishing information and change the date.  You can even write a bunch of content at once and then set the dates in the future to self publish.  If you publish every Tuesday at noon for example then Google will very quickly realize that you will have new content then and will schedule a return visit to your site.

5.  Be wild with your content.  You can blog about anything and somehow relate it to your business.  For example, at Presco we manufacture marking products and yet one of our most popular blog categories is Tech Talk Tuesday, a loose column in which we discuss anything that is technical in nature and relates to our business.

6.  Use multiple authors for the content.  Get everybody in your company blogging and adding profiles.  This again shows Google how relevant you are and they will continue to come back.

7.  Use links in your content.  Using the hyperlink button to link to outside sources is a great way to grow your SEO.  For example, I have linked above to an internal article (on this site) and also an external article (the tutorial on the plugin above.)

8.  Scroll to the bottom of the new content page and look for “All in One SEO Pack.”  Fill out the Title, Keywords and Description and publish the blog post.

9.  Link to social media.  Minimally use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked in.  You can do this in a matter of minutes every time you publish something or even automate the process.

10.  Go to Google Webmaster tools.  Scroll down on the left to “Crawl” and then to “Fetch as Google.”  Enter the link to your new blog post and click the “Fetch” button.  You can do this with up to 500 urls.
Follow these 10 simple steps and you will be well on your way to blowing the search engines up.