If you want to get big and grow in strength you need to train to do so. We all know that the more you lift weights the more muscle you develop and the more you run and bike the more cardio you develop. But the people who truly “get big” and have success at this don’t just run out to the gym and start working out, they have a plan. A plan enables us to set goals, create strategies to reach those goals, give us something simple to stick with even on days we lose our focus and help us to attain success over a period of time. Growing our number of sales and increasing our margins is the exact same thing…if we set a “workout plan” we are much more likely to succeed.

workoutSo, the question is, “Do you want to GET BIG?” What does that mean? At Presco, I want you to “GET BIG” both with sales and with margins. As your Presco “Trainer”, I will help work with you in order to reach your sales goals as your physical trainer works to help you reach your health goals. I’m certified and a trained representatives that can train and help you reach your goals in reaching your sales milestones. I will work to keep you motivated, recommend activities to keep your momentum, and hold you accountable for activities that we have proven to help our distributors to grow their business.

Recently I was talking with one of my distributors who sent me this testimonial,

“Our organization couldn’t understand why we were not being competitive with our Caution Tapes. I met with Sean who had done some market analysis on my product and the product that I was being compared with. He met with us and respectfully told us what we may not have wanted to hear, but he told us that we were simply looking to charge too much. Upon adjusting our pricing slightly, we were able to improve our sales by this simple change”.

Hearing this lifts my spirits. At Presco we work wholly through our distributors and many of them become like family. When you fail, we fail and likewise when you succeed, we share in the joy of that accomplishment. I encourage you, get in touch with your Presco account representative and say, “I want to Get big! Let’s make a plan!” We’ll happily help you with this and work together to build “muscle.”

Every account representative is slightly different at Presco, but here’s the basics of how I can help you “Get big.”

  • I need the commitment from you to open your doors and minds to allowing us to participate with your sales team. In other words, embrace the need for a workout plan!
  • I’ll introduce the Presco sponsored sales spiff program, a tried and true “exercise” and an important part of our workout plan.
    • This includes weekly sales activities that will ultimately lead to increased sales with all your products, not just Presco’s
    • Weekly leaderboard tracking for those “up to date” scores so everyone knows who’s winning the game
    • Customized awards that will drive your sales teams
  • Competitive pricing and partnership to help you win business
  • Quality products to help your customers see the value in what you offer
  • Marketing support to help you get your company info and products to market

So get PUMPED, and call Sean Cash today in order to “GET BIG”!