PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a common plastic most widely known for its use in piping and plumping. But unfortunately, this type of vinyl has gotten an undeserving bad rap. Though once made using heavy metals like lead, today’s American made PVC does not contain these harmful pollutants. In fact, PVC is a safe and viable product with incredible cost savings.

Presco’s vice president of new business, John Yianitsas, joins the podcast to discuss the misconceptions around PVC. John said, as a result of modern-day regulations like Prop 65, PVC has become healthier and safer to use and produce. Today you can find the vinyl in all sorts of consumer products like military tents, blood pressure cuffs, non-slip rugs and more.

At Presco, Yianitsas explains their process for carefully producing custom PVC plastics designed for specific use cases and consumer applications. Non-slip capabilities or flame retardant ability are just a few customizable features to PVC vinyl.

PVC is durable, safe, and cost-effective for the consumer. And, due to the use of regrind plastics, Presco recycles scrap plastic whenever possible. PVC is here to stay, said Yianitsas. With Presco’s responsible approach to making, using, and recycling plastic, PVC can be a green choice.