Presco’s incentive programs are created to improve employee performance and increase their skill set, which often leads to job satisfaction and an increased desire to drive sales. All of Presco’s incentive programs are carefully crafted with your company’s goals and initiatives in mind at all times. We know that sometimes in business, mountains must be moved, and that can take a highly motivated team to accomplish such a feat. This is one of the reasons we have incorporated customized incentive plans into the “Presco Package” framework. According to recent corporate polls, “Companies using incentive programs reported a 79% success rate in achieving their established goals when the correct reward was offered.”

What You Can Expect:

If you have been a regular follower of the “Presco Package,” initiative, then you already know that partnering with Presco means that you have exclusive access to  OSHA 30 Certified Sales Managers, onsite group Distributor Safety marking Products Training, a highly skilled team of Brand Ambassadors and so much more.

By combining your company’s strategic sales goals with a challenging but attainable employee incentive program designed by our experienced sales and marketing team, Presco can offer your company a 44% increase in employee performance. If that’s not enough to grab your attention, statistics show that annual revenue increases are 3 times higher in companies that use a tangible sales incentive over those that don’t use an additional incentive. When incentive programs are working, the potential for growth is much, much higher.

What our Current Clients are Saying:

Our current clients who have taken advantage of Presco’s incentive programs have noticed increased sales, greater employee engagement, and a heightened sense of appreciation among their associates.

“Thank you again for offering this promo.  It was a great conversation starter. The contractors that took advantage of the promo are really pleased with the flags. It is definitely something that I will continue to push with or without the promo.” – Gary Jones, Branch Manager, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply

Presco is 100% committed to helping you grow your business by establishing programs and plans that align with your company goals. We have the knowledge, time, and skill set to institute incentives that employees are eager to earn.

Find out more about the “Presco Package” by visiting us at or speaking to one of our knowledgeable customer service specialists by calling 1-800-527-3295.