Today’s blog comes to us from Crystal Perkins:

People tend to look confused when I tell them I work for a PVC manufacturer. They are often surprised when they realize just how much “plastic” is in so much of what they do every day. Folks don’t grasp right away the important work that we are doing here at Presco, but the proof is in the number of industries in which one can find our PVC film.

For most of our customers, the vinyl we produce for them is the first crucial raw material needed to produce finished goods that have made major differences in the way we live. Some of our vinyl literally even changes and/or saves human lives. Presconians (what we call our family) take great pride and responsibility in knowing that our efforts have such an impact in the world.

Some of the current business partners for whom we research and develop new products provide protection to us in the fields of medicine, agriculture, mining, and military. Others, like window shade, flooring, and book binder are industries with whom we collaborate to improve the overall comfort and quality of our lives. In addition, vinyl is an essential component to some of our recreational needs as seen in the acoustical, convention, and special events industries.

We are amazed daily at the number of opportunities there are to utilize the vinyl we produce in so many various ways. It is easy to take for granted the “little things” that we use or that surround us, but Presconians know that what we are doing at Presco every day is not a “little thing” and we celebrate that success every chance we get.