We believe strongly in creating and maintaining a culture within Presco that reinforces the second half of our mission statement: “Our last, best place to work.” In fact, we have a committee whose very focus is to seek out fun and unique group outing and/or team-building activities.

Over the years, we have coordinated outings for the Presconian men and women including painting, bowling, pottery, baseball games, and spa days. Just last week, there was a golf scramble and a family movie day to see the record-setting animated film “Finding Dory.” But, just unveiled in April is a different kind of social team-gathering venue and it is all the buzz in our area.

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, the 10-acre “Extreme Sandbox” celebrated its grand opening at Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center on Lake Texoma in Pottsboro, TX – a short 15 minute drive from Presco. Extreme Sandbox provides guests with a unique social setting that is perfect for breaking the ice among teams.

The “Extreme Sandbox” adventure takes team-building to a whole new level by pushing team dynamics outside their comfort zone, but also providing an opportunity for individuals to realize any childhood dreams of operating heavy machinery such as a bulldozer, excavator, or other “toys.” With the supervision of highly trained expert instructors, guests safely learn the machines and receive a fun and memorable experience that can include car crushing, “golfing,” challenge tasks, “Sandbox Olympics” and more.

Knowing our late, great leader Waymon’s “larger than life” personality and his love of “toys,” I am quite certain that he would have loved to take his team on an outing such as the ”Extreme Sandbox.” Presconians “dig” opportunities to laugh together and see their co-workers outside the work environment. Hopefully soon we’ll have a chance to experience this new venue, but I would vote we wait until the Texas heat cools down a bit!