Presco is always looking ahead to provide our customers with films that meet their rigorous standards and specifications.  The Research and Development Department at Presco is currently looking to expand the materials that are used in the manufacture of our film.

Presco currently has an extensive line of PVC Compounds for film applications and is quickly building a PVC/Alloy and Non-PVC portfolio.
The customer’s demand for a high quality product at a reasonable price leads the way for PVC Alloys to replace engineering materials. A hot item on the list is PVC/PU alloy blends. They provide the perfect balance between cost and quality. Many times TPU’s are over specified for an application where a PVC Alloy could be used at a cost advantage. PVC/PU alloys have great abrasion resistance, tear strength, tensile strength, and elongation.

Finally, Presco is ramping up to produce our first non-PVC film out of EVA. We are still in the development phase, but are moving toward our sampling phase.