VT Pesticide Application Signs

8. Notification and Posting of turf-grass and landscape pesticide application:
a. No outdoor application by certified commercial or non-commercial applicators of pesticides to turf-grass or landscape plants shall be made on residential, single or multi-family or public non-residential properties, such as athletic fields without the following provisions having been met.
1. At the time the service is being requested, the customer shall be provided with written information regarding the identification of pesticides (common or trade name, EPA Registration number) and the rates being proposed for use. In addition, the homeowner shall be informed, in writing, of the availability of labels and Material Safety Data Sheets for these pesticides and any existing EPA Fact Sheets for the active ingredients contained within.
2. At the beginning of each application, the applicator shall post a sihn(s) prescribed below, at conspicuous points of access to the treated area(s). The applicator shall leave such sign(s) posted with instructions to remove 24 hours after application. This shall mean that if a property has more than one entrance or point of access then the corresponding number of signs shall be posted. The specifications of the sign shall be as follows:
a. Shall be at least 4×5 inches of sturdy, weather resistant material
b. Shall be with contrasting colors using the indicated point type size.
c. Shall contain no other words or symbols on the front panel; however, the back panel may include any additional information such as emergency number or company name.
d. Shall be posted at least 12” above the ground.
e. Shall contain the date and time of application on the back of the sign.