Colorful and highly visible, Presco Solid Color Roll Flagging is the most durable, longest-lasting outdoor flagging available anywhere thanks to proprietary formulations and annealing. Added plasticizer packages yield maximum physical properties including tensile strength. (That means you get stronger product for the same price.) Presco extrudes 4 grades of flagging to best suit your project needs.

Presco Roll Flagging is the most asked for flagging tape by industry professionals in surveying, construction, forestry, nursery, mining, geophysics, hardware and oil exploration.

  • Non-toxic
  • All APWA colors provided, see page 1 for codes
  • Private labeling, UPC coding, and other custom packaging requirements available.

Printed Roll Flagging

Presco Printed Roll Flagging provides additional messaging to reinforce your non-verbal communication. Printed on our Matte grade material, this roll flagging endures temperatures at or below -20ºF.

Presco Custom Prints Roll Flagging
Presco has hundreds of mats with various standard legends available to our customers (visit for a current listing of mat legends). Upon request, custom mats can be produced for your specific needs. Custom mat charge
will apply. Presco’s proprietary printing process requires controlled parameters. Please ask a Presco representative for details before placing your order.

Patterned Roll Flagging

For maximum distinctiveness, Presco Patterned Roll Flagging comes in Striped, Polka Dot and Checkerboard. Printed on Matte grade material, this roll flagging endures temperatures at or below -20ºF. These resilient patterns add a wide
assortment of choices for your non-verbal communication needs.

Presco Custom Prints Patterned Roll Flagging
A limited selection of our Patterned Roll Flagging can be imprinted with black ink. Please ask a Presco representative for details before placing your order.

Day/Night Visibility Roll Flagging

Brand New Technology — Presco Day/Night Visibility Roll Flagging is formulated with an exclusive nighttime visibility (NV) silver ink that is combined with our superior PVC plastic to provide a cost-effective and disposable solution to your customers’ nighttime needs. In the dark, when a beam of light is directed at the stripes, light bounces back towards the source for enhanced nighttime visibility.

Nursery Roll Flagging

Designed specifically for nursery and landscaping use, Presco Nursery Roll Flagging is slit to a narrow width to protect seedlings, saplings and other delicate plants.

SizeRite Pocket Roll Flagging

Presco SizeRiteTM Pocket Roll Flagging is a cost effective solution for smaller projects that require high visibility identification. This flagging is durable, yet slender enough to fit several rolls in your pocket at one time.

Biodegradable Roll Flagging

Presco Biodegradable Roll Flagging is today’s most environmentally friendly marking solution. Made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp, this flagging is completely non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment.
Complete degradation will occur outdoors in six to twenty-four months depending on the climate and environmental conditions.

Roll Flagging Belt Dispenser

The Presco Roll Flagging Belt Dispenser is a convenient time-saver, letting you carry and dispense our standard-width flagging from your belt. It is made of durable anodized steel.