Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tape

Presco Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tape prevents damage to underground utility lines during excavation. Following code parameters, bury this tape above electrical lines, gas pipes, communication cables, and other utility installations.
Resistant to underground elements, this heavy metal-free co-extruded polyethylene tape serves as a highly visible proximity warning device that will not turn black over time.
• Heavy metal-free
• APWA colors provided
• Long-lasting colors to protect utility lines
• Exceeds all industry specs
• Private labeling, UPC coding and other custom packaging requirements available

Presco Prints Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tape

Presco has numerous mats with various standard legends available to our customers. Upon request, custom mats can be produced for your specific needs. A custom mat charge will apply. Presco’s proprietary printing process requires controlled parameters.

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