Product Displays

Presco Flag Display (PFD) The Presco Flag Display is the first display ever design to hold marking flags. The display can hold over 9,000 flags with a minimal footprint of just 16″ x 21 1/4″. The display is made of 18 gauge steel and its powder-coated finish is scratch resistant. Presco Flag Display w/ Shelf … Read more

Repulpable Barricade Tape

Presco Repulpable Barricade Tapes are an Eco-friendly and disposable alternative to regular barricade tapes. These biodegradable tapes can be found in industrial settings where plastic is not permitted. In Use Images Sells Sheet

Safety Barrier Fence

Presco’s vibrant colored line of Safety Barrier Fencing is the ideal safety marking solution for those jobs that require durable products that can stand the test of time.  With grades ranging from basic Economy to Diamond Message fencing, Presco has a product that will tackle any project- big or small. Economy For a quick crowd control … Read more

Reinforced Barricade Tape

When our Standard Barricade Tape isn’t tough enough, try our 7mil Reinforced Barricade Tape. This tape is produced from polyethylene embedded with woven polyester fibers for added tensile strengthSpecifications. It comes in a 7 mil thickness on 500 ft rolls and meets OSHA 1910-144 standards. Sells Sheet

Woven Barricade Tape

Presco Woven Barricade Tape is an extra-durable polypropylene tape that offers a long-lasting marking solution for off-limit or hazardous areas and crowd control. The tensile strength is 300 lbs. for 2″ wide tape. Sells Sheet

Biodegradable Barricade Tape

Presco Biodegradable Barricade Tape is today’s most environmentally friendly marking solution. Made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp,this product is completely non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment. Presco Prints on Biodegradable Barricade Tape Standard legends printed on this product are: “Caution” or “Caution Do Not Enter” on yellow and “Danger” or “Danger … Read more

High Visibility PVC Barricade Tape

Presco Prints High Visibility PVC Barricade Tapes. Mat legends on this product can be printed in black, or alternating black and NV silver inks, thereby providing enhanced day and nighttime communication for your project. Limitations on standard and custom legends may apply. A custom mat charge will apply. Some projects have extended schedules or take … Read more

Day/Night Visibility Barricade Tape

Brand New Technology — Presco Day/Night Visibility Barricade Tape is formulated with exclusive nighttime visibility (NV) silver ink that is combined with our superior co-extruded polyethylene to provide a cost-effective and disposable solution to your customers’ nighttime needs. In the dark, when a beam of light is directed at the legend, light bounces back towards … Read more

Standard Barricade Tape

Manufactured for durability and resistance to the elements, Presco Barricade Tape is recognized worldwide as the preferred co-extruded polyethylene tape for marking danger areas and special instructions. Among its many satisfied customers are professionals in the fields of law enforcement, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware, and utilities. In Use Images Sells Sheet