Biodegradable Marking Flags and Staffs

Presco Biodegradable Flags and Staffs are today’s most environmentally friendly marking solution. These flags are made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp. They are completely non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment. Biodegradable Flag Staffs are constructed of wood (24″ length) which guarantees complete degradation of the entire product.

Day/Night Visibility Marking Flags

Presco Day/Night Visibility Marking Flags are formulated with exclusive nighttime visibility (NV) silver ink that is combined with our superior PVC plastic to provide a cost-effective and disposable solution to your customers’ nighttime needs. In the dark, when a beam of light is directed at the stripes, light bounces back towards the source for enhanced … Read more

Printed Marking Flags

Presco Custom Prints Marking Flags When communication is vital, Presco delivers! Ideal for above ground marking for a variety of industries, our line of high-quality specialty marking flags is manufactured in a wide range of sizes and long-lasting colors, ensuring consistent communication and ongoing visibility for projects spanning utility construction, line locating, hardware, forestry, landscaping, … Read more

Solid Marking Flags

Presco high-quality Solid and Printed Marking Flags are ideal for above ground marking in a variety of industries. From utility construction to line locating, hardware to forestry, landscaping and lawn care to pet containment — these flags ensure consistent communication and long-lasting visibility for your project.• Bright inks for high visibility• Long-lasting material colors• Wind … Read more