Presco is known for its tremendous variety of marking products, but some customers might not realize the company also offers a wide range of lamination solutions.

Tony Car, Technical Sales for Engineered Film at Presco, said there are number of areas where the company is doing exciting work, with product applications ranging from items for pet owners to utilize in their households to technology that could forever change how municipalities fix utilities.

One of the most common items are the non-slip absorbent mats.

“You see them everywhere. They go into a lot of different applications,” Carr said. “It’s basically just a felt we apply a coating to that will kind of stick to the floor a little bit so, even if the floor gets wet, the mat won’t slip. The mat itself will keep any flammable liquids or water from going from the mat to the floor.”

That’s perfect for mechanics keeping oil from staining their products or dog lovers from keeping puppy puddles off the carpet.

There also are applications that can be used on a larger scale.

“Our big focus right now is cured-in-place pipe,” Carr said. “A lot of … pipes underground, especially in this country, are aging or old and get tree roots that crack into the side of them, and they leak or are rusted up.”

“What cured-in-place pipe does is it allows you to go in, bore out the existing pipe, clear out the tree roots and then run, for lack of a better term, a sleeve of either polypropylene or polyethylene, and it’s coated with polypropylene or polyurethane resin. They invert it down inside the pipe, fill it with the resin, and that sets it in there and relines the inside of the pipe. It’ll turn an aging pipe into a brand-new PVC pipe. You can do all this without having to dig the old pipe out, which is what makes it a favorable thing.”

With no more digging or waste created, it’s something that could change the way lots of cities are running.