Any experienced hiker knows to check the trees around the trail for markings. Brightly-colored paint or flags along the trail help lead the way and ensure that no one gets lost in unknown terrain. But tree markings have a much broader list of uses than just guide points. From surveyors, to hunters, to loggers–anytime trees are essential to a project, markings seem to be involved, and often their purpose is crucial to success. Because of this, it is important to select markers that are durable and reliable while still being biodegradable so that the health of the forest overall doesn’t suffer. 

Tape Offers a Painless Alternative to Paint 

Take the process of thinning for example. Timber marking means foresters can carefully select low value stems so that trees that are already performing well have space to grow and develop into high-quality timber. While paint is certainly used in some cases, the use of Presco Biodegradable Safety Marking Products means landowners have a chance to look over which trees have been marked and make necessary changes if they want to preserve some that have already been marked for harvest. Additionally, the biodegradable tapes/flags are not toxic to the forest environment. The tape’s ease of use also means that all of the pre-selection work can be done before any harvesting crews arrive, so the thinning can take place as soon as a crew is ready to begin. 

Making Your Own Path with Presco 

Flagging and marking trees don’t just have industrial uses, however. Whether hiking, climbing or hunting, anyone venturing into the woods should bring along Presco tapes or flags. Especially when venturing off clearly marked routes, wandering through a forest can be difficult and you can’t simply rely on the occasional fallen tree as a landmark. Marking trees with biodegradable tape means you have a clearly marked route to follow to get home safely. While some hikers prefer marking paint, this can cause all sorts of issues. Not only can it be detrimental to the health of the natural landscape, but marking paint is a more permanent option. Unless the land you are exploring is your own, it is best to mark the trees in a way that is easily removable to avoid problems down the road. 

Healthy Tape, Healthy Forest 

Presco biodegradable flags and tape ensure high visibility and durability for your marking system, even in harsh weather conditions. Made of cellulosic material that’s derived from wood pulp, Presco Biodegradable Safety Marking Products are completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Not only that, but Presco has a multitude of customization options so that your markers can use your own messaging or pattern for increased communicative efficiency. Whether you prefer flags or tape for your marking purposes, need specific tape sizes for timber or just a flagging roll for leisure, Presco can customize their product line to fit your needs. Simply call today to find out how Presco can help, or visit