sherry_ssSummer holiday weekends in Texas are known for outdoor water activities and backyard barbecuing. Folks across this great state will travel many miles to spend time celebrating the “ last weekend of summer”. Thousands of travelers flocked to Galveston Island over this past weekend in retreat for some fun in the sun, a swim in the ocean and to bury their toes in the sand.  Many families also visited their favorite water theme park for their last thrill seeking ride down a 65 foot water slide. My family and I are usually among these travelers looking for that special destination to “cool off, cook out and celebrate ”….but not this year…

With temperatures rising to 105 degrees in North Central Texas and my hometown of Sherman located right smack dab in the middle of this heat wave, we decided to avoid the heat and celebrate the holiday in the cool zone inside our house….. the only heat we wanted to feel would be from the fire burning in the grill at night. Now all we had to do was find fun activities to do indoors to keep the kids from going stir crazy in the cool zone all weekend. !

We thought of all the obvious things that parents think of when preparing to entertain 4 young girls, ages 11 to 4……we had our plan set and ready to relax in the cool zone. Well, after two hours of twister (dance off series), finger painting and art projects, baking brownies, etc….we realized that we failed to make a plan for when the kids got bored and border line stir crazy! Cool Zone boredom inspired Plan B: Presco Plastic Slip N’ Slide…

Working at Presco over the past ten years means that my children and family have learned a lot about the company and the PVC plastic we manufacture with the state of Texas imprinted on it….more commonly referred to as “Texas” grade roll flagging.  My children have attended many company sponsored activities where the plastic was used to make banners, table cloth covering and decorations for holiday parties so they were familiar with the idea of using the plastic in a non- traditional way.

While rummaging through the garage looking for something to boycott their boredom for a while… the loudest, most spirited, ear drum popping scream came from the corner ….


What they found was a rolled log of Texas grade flagging that I used as table covering during a 4th of July backyard BBQ party at the house a few weeks earlier. A rolled log of flagging material is basically a 58” wide roll of material that has not been slit into the finished rolls of Presco flagging tape. Knowing that Presco plastic is flexible and highly durable, the girls rolled the plastic out on the lawn, set up the water sprinkler, added some dish soap, grabbed a pair of goggles and starting sliding……. Presco’s durable and long lasting plastic made PLAN B a success and lifelong memories for our family!