Jason Lyons, Marking Products Operations Manager, shares with us how Presco’s constant commitment to quality has resulted in the utilization of new ink for our tapes that is more steadfast. Learn more about Presco Products and custom barricade tape at https://presco.com/barricade-tape/

Presco is hard at work every day seeking to add value to our products for you our customers, our loyal distributors that trust us to provide them with quality, American-made, long lasting, durable products. So we decided to pull the curtain back and just show you a little of what goes into the behind the scenes thinking and work to improve. We have a short video that just goes to demonstrate we are constantly thinking, innovating, problem solving because when Presco products are improved your reputation only grows with us, your bottom line only gets better, your customer loyalty base is strengthened. When you look good, we look good! Ink might seem like a small piece of the puzzle but it is the details that matter. This should also let you know that you can bring product problems, issues, concerns, questions or even needs to our attention and they won’t go unnoticed. While we can’t guarantee that we can make everyone happy, all the time, take great comfort in knowing we are working to address issues even before they arise, you will be heard and we will be happy to hear from you and work together to innovate and improve.