Sometimes a traditional fence doesn’t work for keeping your pets in your yard. They may dig around it or even jump over it. Pet owners across the country began to use technology instead through the development of invisible fences. These fences work with collars that respond when near the outline of the wall. If the warning sound is ignored, a mild electronic shock is delivered to the animal. They keep pets within boundaries and can offer them access to a pet door.

A crucial part of pet containment fence training is boundary flags. These colorful marking flags become a training tool that alerts the pet to not breach the boundary, else the collar will respond. They are critical in pet training as a visual cue. Presco marking flags are used in this application, helping pet owners and pets visualize the “fence.”

The Shift to Invisible Fencing

Compared with all other options, fenceless boundaries are less maintenance than those made of wood, vinyl, or chain. Beyond maintenance concerns, regular fences made of traditional materials don’t always do the job. The better solution is invisible fencing, which has gained popularity in the last decade. It’s even possible now for the “smart” collar, used in connection with the fence, to report data back to pet owners, including activity levels and health vitals. These types of pet fences are also cost-effective when compared to other boundary options.

Flags Critical Part of Training

Boundary flags are placed around the outline of the invisible fence to provide a visual cue for the pets. The collars activate within a few feet of the boundary flags, so they are best placed just inside the line. To find the right spots, you’ll need to remove the collar and proceed to walk toward the fence. When it beeps, and the test light tool illuminates, place a boundary flag there. Repeat this until you have flags every 10 ft. These flags, although small, play a significant role in keeping pets safe.

How We Make Our Flags

The boundary flags we manufacture have attributes that make them long-lasting. They are wind tear resistant and remain intact even in frigid weather. Presco flags are glued to the staff; not wrapped. Wrapped flags have weaknesses, often not holding up in rain or wind. You’ll be counting on those flags to continue to guide your pet while unattended, so they need to be durable. We’re glad to be part of a system that keeps four-legged friends safe.

You can find more information about the flags we offer and all their features here.