Hunting Season has arrived! With the September 1, 2018 opening date, you can bet hunters young and old are continuously preparing themselves for a successful fall/winter harvest. Hunting has been a lifelong tradition passed on since the beginning of time. Luckily, in today’s world, hunters are more prepared than ever, with trail cams, hunting blinds, tree stands, high-tech camouflaged attire and their finest hunting rifles/bows. However, according to Wilderness South, a company geared towards outfitting the nation’s most avid outdoor enthusiasts, they highly suggest carrying a roll of flagging tape in your pack, your jacket, gun case, your pants, etc. (the list goes on). Why? Because flagging tape plays a crucial role in making or breaking your hunting trip. Due to their small and compact design, they are convenient to store even in the smallest of pockets. There are so many uses for flagging tape on the hunt, such as:

Using Flagging Tape on the Hunt:

  • Use flagging tape to track blood trails before the rain hits.
  • Hang or wrap from trees, so that you can easily find your way back to your hunting post.
  • Starting to get dark? No problem, stark marking those trees with reflective day/night tape.
  • Mark your kill with flagging tape.
  • Mark yourself to ensure you are seen when walking through thick brush

Looking to take a day off from the hunt, and spend some time hiking through the forest with your family? Great idea! Modern trail markers include flagging tapes, reflective day/night tapes, stake flags and marking paint. All of which are perfect choices for making temporary and easy to see trails that are completely harmless to the environment.

If you haven’t purchased your flagging tapes, reflective day/night tapes, stake flags or marking paint yet, you will be happy to know that Presco has hundreds of distributors around the country that would be more than happy to help you and your family gear up for this hunting season. Don’t want to get lost in the woods? Flagging tape! Don’t want to lose that blood trail (again)? Flagging tape! Hiking in an open area and need to mark your path? Marking Flags! Don’t get stuck without these essential items on your trip this year.

Want to take a peek at our product line-up? Check out Presco’s website here.You can also located a Presco dealer near you by using our “where to buy” tool.