All employers want to keep their employees safe. Yet many jobs can be very dangerous, especially positions in the construction sector. Employers can do a lot to improve the safety of their employees—but sometimes the easiest fixes are as simple as warning people away from dangerous areas. Those kinds of fixes also have the benefit of being inexpensive.

In 2016, 5,190 workers were killed on the job. That’s almost 100 lives lost per week, or 14 per day. While that may seem like a lot—and most would agree that that’s 5,190 too many—this is a drastic decrease in work-related deaths from the 38 lives lost per day in 1970. We can thank OSHA and their state equivalents, employers, health and safety professionals, and unions for much of that decrease, but obviously there is still work to be done.

A Safety Barrier

Day/Night Caution Tape

Barricade tape is one way workers can be easily—and inexpensively—protected from the dangers of working on construction and similar sites. Falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught-in/between round out the top four ways workers are killed on construction sites. In many of these cases, workers could have been warned of the dangers ahead of them with the proper use of barricade tape.

Barricade tapes are used in many situations to promote safety by indicating the presence of high-risk areas or to mark off areas of restriction. While most people think of barricade tape as a warning against non-workers to avoid dangerous areas or contamination-risk areas, it can also be used on the worksite to protect workers as well. Hazardous areas and dangerous equipment should be taped off when possible to bring awareness of potential dangers, and help workers know to keep away unless necessary.

The Presco Advantage

Presco Barricade Tape is used by professionals in law enforcement, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware, and utilities. In addition to the common “Caution” and “Danger” tapes, Presco also produces a variety of unique barricade tape products that can further increase safety awareness on job sites, making them the provider of choice for these organizations. Presco also provides a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors, including two-tone tape, custom color matching, private labeling, and barcoding, making them the ideal product to increase safety on any project.

As if that weren’t enough, Presco Barricade Tape actually exceeds OSHA requirements, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Regulation 1910-144(a) Safety Color Code for Marking Physical Hazards Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Regulation 1926-956(c)(1) Covering Trenching and Excavating.

There to Protect

Life Hazard – Do Not Enter

Barricade tapes are designed to help protect people from whatever peril may exist on your work site. They are crucial for blocking off hazards, warning people to stay away from specific areas or equipment. If your job site includes unsafe elements, it’s vital to mark those spaces off to ensure employee safety and to prevent workplace injuries—or worse. A prime manufacturer of economical, disposable marking solutions, Presco offers premium and durable barricade tapes in a variety of customizations and colors to help keep workers and others safe.

To learn more about how Presco can customize the perfect Barricade Tape for your job site, visit today!