If you’re sitting at home buried under seven variations of blanketing, praying for warmth in the hopes of one day feeling the pure joy of an actual heat source once again, you are not alone. With over two million (if not more) Texans experiencing power outages and frozen pipes on the cusp of bursting, it’s no wonder news reports are boasting that weather conditions were colder across much of Texas on Monday than it was in Maine.  

As some of you know, Presco is situated in Sherman, Texas- just a short jaunt from the Dallas Metroplex, where hospitals are reporting continuing cases of hypothermia to local residents.

“What we’re seeing is a large number of hypothermia calls not because people are outside, but because they’re home but have no electricity and have no heat,” said Matt Zavadsky with MedStar.”

In an effort to combat the rolling blackouts and crippling temperatures, Emergency management teams are partnering with other agencies to ensure the safety and security of all local residents by setting up warming stations across Grayson County and the DFW area. If you or someone you know is in need of a safe and warm place to take refuge, do not wait to visit your posted station.

This historically barbaric winter storm is impacting the entire Nation on a mass scale, bringing with it unrelenting ice storms, record amounts of snow, and below freezing temperatures to parts of the country that are inexperienced and unequipped in managing such catastrophic winter conditions. If you are still hunkered down at home and wondering what you can do to minimize the impact of this polar blast, here are a few tips to keep you safe and warm:

  • Disconnect all water-bearing hoses from the exterior of your home, or encase them in foam insulated tubing, which acts as a “sweater” for your hoses.
  • Protect outdoor spigots with easy-to-install foam faucet covers to prevent freezing.
  • Block out the cold by weather-stripping your doors, windows, and other draft-prone areas.
  • Open indoor faucets to allow a slight trickle of water running.
  • Check your thermostats. Due to the severe freeze, thermostats should be set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This will assist with pipes freezing over.
  • Do not drive! With ice storms and snowdrifts hitting much of the lower 48, many counties are issuing curfews and stay-at-home warnings.

With safety being at the forefront of Presco’s priorities, we are operating our facilities at full capacity to continually provide our frontline workers with the supplies and resources they need to keep our community safe during this time.

Play it safe, Presco partners!