The history of Presco’s products began within the marking products industry, but as the bulk film division of the business developed (later called the “engineered film” division and now “Presco”) the Presco team began to research new and different ways in which PVC film, in its bulk form, could be utilized by other industries. One of the first industries we began to serve was the convention/decorating industry. After being locally introduced to that market, we began to build relationships with professionals who educated us on some of the challenges faced by companies nationwide. We saw a viable opportunity to expand our business and began to develop solutions. Shortly thereafter, in 1992, our subsidiary, Proflex Vinyls, was born with the primary focus being on decorators, general service contractors, and convention centers.

It was clear that there was a need for a high-quality vinyl that would be competitive with other fabrics without the frustration of unreliable shipping schedules, port delays, or the seemingly never-ending saga of production inconsistencies that customers were facing with foreign suppliers. It became the vision of the Presco team to make Proflex a reliable, domestic source and to put into place a distribution system that would never fail the customer. Presco had always been a customer-driven business, priding ourselves on service and because of the feedback we received within the decorating industry, we wanted a distribution system that would anticipate the customer’s needs and meet them reliably and consistently. Learning about the time-sensitive nature of the industry told us that it was imperative that we deliver on time, every time, in order to earn this business. Instant turnaround in a fast-paced industry is a real advantage and partnering with key distributors aided in making this a realistic option for our customers.

Research suggested the market needed a versatile vinyl product that was easy to use, certified flame retardant, environmentally safe, and recyclable – all of which were well within Presco’s capabilities to deliver what the market needed. Customers were also begging for color, so we knew that in order to shake up the market, we needed to offer a large variety of rich, vibrant shades and with that, Proflex would become the first company to offer this range of colors to the event industry. What began in 1992 as about a dozen color options is currently over twenty-five.

Specific and exclusive to Proflex, the film became known as “convention taffeta” and steadily changed the perception or stigma surrounding vinyl as an alternative to fabrics. Over the past 24 years, it has become a multi-functional, cost-effective option to create baffles, ceiling treatments, table and wall coverings, drapes, tent pole wraps and so much more. Convention taffeta offers color opacity, consistent thickness, a desirable texture that is easy to work with, and an elegant finished look. Our philosophy of listening and responding also yielded perforated table covers and pre-fabricated drapes, both of which products offer a significant reduction in labor and installation, giving the customer a great cost advantage.

To stay on the cutting edge of the event industry, we have had to be diligent in keeping our finger on the pulse of the marketplace. However, this is only one example of how the great partnerships within our network have allowed us to learn from our customers and create opportunities. The dedication of our entire team to “never stop learning” and the willingness of our customers to work with us has opened quite a few doors in our forty year history. Presco’s Presco Engineered Film division is proud to have branched out into over a dozen markets in the last several decades and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!