Throughout Presco’s 75-year history, we’ve established a reputation as America’s premier producer of engineered PVC films. Whether it’s used in blood pressure cuffs, brattice material, laminate flooring, military tents, awnings, or trade show tabletop coverings, manufacturers from all over the world turn to us for a customizable and high-quality product that sets the industry standard. Vinyl film purchasers are already familiar with our excellence at filling large orders on deadline while meeting special requests. Now, we’d like to highlight our ability to produce lots as small as 2,500 lbs., making us an ideal domestic partner for manufacturers considering importing film from overseas.

What Sets Us Apart

Developing a custom vinyl film begins with engineering the right formulation. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind dry-blend compounding process that allows for customization at every stage. Flame retardants, antimicrobials, dulling agents, aromatics, UV stabilizers, high molecular weight resins, and many types of plasticizers can be added to a customer’s specifications. What truly sets us apart, though, is our in-house lab extruder, which provides customers with proof of concept color and specification matching so they can design and assess their perfect film before committing to an order.

Small Orders are in Our Wheelhouse

While we’re typically thought of as the vinyl film supplier of choice for large orders, our engineering process gives us the capability to produce volumes as small as 2,500 lbs. And customers ordering these smaller lots will still receive the same superior quality film as our other partners. We utilize the same advanced extrusion film process and rigorous quality controls to produce an outstanding product with consistent color and finish. Finally, every Presco customer receives our unbeatable customer service and dedication to delivering their order on or ahead of schedule.

Small Orders are in Our Wheelhouse

Vinyl film customers often consider importing products from overseas but must weigh whether it’s worth it to roll the dice when it comes to quality and service. Presco is proud to manufacture our engineered film right here at home in Sherman, Texas, so you can count on our professionals to pay close attention to detail while customizing your formulation, ensuring it meets your unique specifications and regulatory requirements. Plus, by shopping domestic, you won’t have to wait for a shipment to make its way across oceans, reducing lead times. And best of all, you’ll be able to pick up the phone and easily speak with our customer service representatives at any stage of your order, even after it’s been delivered.

With Presco engineered film, you no longer have to gamble quality and service with overseas vinyl manufacturers. Regardless of the order size, think of American-made, American-proud Presco first. Click to learn more about our engineered films and the markets we serve.