It is that time of year again to reflect on the past 12 months and try to put things into perspective as we all gear up for 2016.  When I look back on 2015 for Presco Engineered Films, I think of all the new products and markets developed by our Sales, R&D and Production teams.  It has been a year full of learning and trying new things such as:

  • Phthalate and Heavy Metal Free Vinyl Film for Child Mats (Prop 65 Compliant)
  • -60F Cold Crack Resistant Vinyl Film
  • Highly Opaque, Thin Gauge Films for Window Shade and Movie Screen Applications
  • Phthalate and Heavy Metal Free Vinyl Film for 3 Ring Book Binders (Prop 65 Compliant)
  • -40F Cold Crack Resistant and 2000 Hour UV Resistant Double Polish Clear Vinyl Film
  • PVC/TPU Blend for Increased Physical Performance in Industrial Applications
  • Phthalate Free Vinyl Film for Medical Drainage Bags
  • 20 and 16mil Vinyl Film for Inflatable Medical Mattresses
  • PVC/CPE Blend for Industrial Ducting Applications
  • Biodegradable PVC in Landfill Settings (except in California…of course)
  • Antimicrobial Vinyl Film for Shower Curtains
  • Reduced Cost Flame Retardant Formulations for the Mining Industry
  • Over 50 new color matches for customers and new accounts in multiple industries

2015 also brought us two new additions to our Engineered Film Team – Sue Kenna (R&D) and Scott Bollinger (Sales).  Sue and Scott bring a combined 40 years worth of PVC experience to our team.  They are a huge part in expanding our capabilities and finding new markets in 2016.

We also welcomed 10 current and new customers into our manufacturing facility in 2015.  Our doors are always open and we welcome the chance to show our customers how we do what we do.  We give our customers up close access to all of our processes to help foster new product ideas and to strengthen our partnerships.   Our team also likes to say “Thank You” in person for being our partners.

Our Engineered Film Sales Team hit the road hard in 2015 to visit current customers and potential customers.  We also dropped in on trade shows such as the IFAI, SGIA, and MD&M East and West to learn about the latest developments and trends in each industry Presco supports.  I’m sure if I sat down long enough I could calculate the number of miles our sales team traveled this year, but I will instead save myself some time and estimate something over 50,000 miles!

We look forward to 2016 and continuing to strive to be “Your First, Best Place to Buy and Our Last, Best Place to Work”.