On this episode of Presco’s Marking Minute, Wade Wilson, Vice President of Safety Marking Product Sales at Presco, and Clayton Chancy, Director of Marketing at Presco, joined host Daniel Litwin to break down the company’s unique and valued relationship with its product distributors. The tips they provided apply to all industry product/distributor relationships.

Wilson discussed how Presco changed its product strategy to focus on 1,000 primary distributors and help them grow the business.

“Instead of just selling anything to anybody,” Wilson said, “let’s focus on our key distributors, and really help them sell more of our products.”

“We view ourselves as not only the marketing department for Presco but our distributors as well,” Chancy added.

For smaller distributors who only sell a small amount of Presco products every year, Presco helped point them to the larger wholesale distributors to provide those products.

This change helped drive efficiencies at Presco and allowed them to focus on providing the best level of service where it was needed the most.

So how does Presco work with its distributors, and increase sales, when their products may amount to only a tiny percentage of a distributor’s sales?

“Our sales team and our brand ambassadors go out and visit with our distributors,” Chancy said.

That is an essential part of Presco’s plan, along with a great incentive program for their distributors. Even though Presco’s product offering is a small percentage of sales, these items are essential for many customers, and those who do order them will likely be repeat purchasers.