I’m live blogging today from the White Cap Summit in Atlanta, GA. It’s always great to meet up with one of our distributors and hear what they’re doing to become stronger, bigger and better. White Cap is taking their business seriously and growing whitecapstronger by developing and training their sales force and increasing relationships with preferred suppliers like Presco, growing bigger by launching new locations and serving a greater number of customers at their current locations and getting better by serving those customers in a more complete manner. Because our business at Presco is completely centered on our distributors, it’s very important for us to get to know these folks and invest in their growth. Like any trade show or supplier day that we attend, it’s also been a great opportunity to put faces to names and bring relationships to a deeper level. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, exchanging emails and phone calls and working on promotional pieces to support our distributors, so it’s especially nice to meet in person some of the folks I have gotten to know across the digital medium and sit down for a cup of coffee and a brainstorming session.

Our general session this morning started off with a presentation from Ian Heller, VP of Marketing and gave a great overview of the summit and the White Cap’s goals for the event. John Stegeman, HD Supply Whitecap President then gave a dynamic presentation on the plan for growth not only of Whitecap, but their plans for working with suppliers like Presco. It’s great to feel the energy in the room and be with other companies who are fired up for growth in 2014!